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Frequently Asked Questions




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Design and Materials

Q. Can your standard plans be modified?
A. Yes, minor modifications to floor layout (e.g. increase a room size) or specifications (e.g. a change of cladding etc) will incur no additional cost. Major modifications may incur additional design fees which will be quoted for your approval prior to proceeding.

How to modify our standard house plans click here.

Q. What is included in your kitset price?
A. We supply the house structure from the floor up. Please refer to our home plans and the detailed specification list for all materials supplied. We do not supply subfloor materials, unless specifically requested.

Q. What do I need for a building consent?
A. Each territorial authority will have unique requirements but will generally require drawings which include a site plan, foundation plan, floor plan, exterior elevations, sections and construction details. Our standard plans include engineered drawings and construction details to comply with the NZ Building Code. Site plans are included if a survey plan or site levels are provided (see below).

Q. What cladding options are available?
A. We can accomodate any cladding requirement on request. However, our standard plans and pricing are based on smooth hardiplank weatherboard or clay brick cladding.


Q. How much will delivery cost?
A. Please see kitset inclusions for our latest freight charges. We supply nationwide from all main centres. All other areas are priced on application.

Q. What is the delivery time from placing an order?
A. We can usually deliver to site, 4 weeks from receipt of your payment and completed order form. We can usually prioritise orders if a shorter delivery time is required.

Q. Can Horizon Homes supply export housing?
A. Yes, however, our pricing is normally based on delivery to a NZ port or location. Please Contact Us to discuss your export requirements.


Q. Can your homes be constructed on concrete slabs or timber piles on sloping sites?
A. Yes, our homes can be constructed on either timber piles or concrete slab foundations.

Q. Can you provide a cost to build estimate?
A. Yes, we can provide a fast Cost-To-Build™ estimate based on market pricing and information available at the time.
Simply Contact Us to enquire.

Q. How long does it take to have modifications made?
A. It will vary; depending upon our designers workload at the time and the complexity of the design. It is usually between 2-6 weeks.

Q. What are the most common modifications to plans?
A. Changing exterior cladding (brick, plywood, timber weatherboard etc)

  • Add or removing a room
  • Add/Relocate garage or garage door openings / add or eliminate bays
  • Reducing or increasing the size of rooms/living areas
  • Changing roof style (Monopitch, Hip or Gable roof)
  • Changing roofing materials (Metal, Concrete or Terracotta Tile)
  • Rearranging interior walls
  • Move/Add/Delete/Resize windows and doors (e.g. for wheelchair access)
  • Adding a fireplace to living area
  • Adding a deck or balcony
  • Changing ceiling heights
  • Altering kitchen or bathroom layouts
  • Stretching house plans in either width or depth
  • Reversing the standard houseplan layout
  • Changing a foundation type (timber pile subfloor, concrete slab)

Q. Will my quote include an estimate for materials?
A. Kitset material estimates can be provided for minor plan changes. However, for complex design changes an estimate will be provided with a firm quote following completion and confirmation of all specifications.

Q. What if I need to make additional changes after modifications are confirmed?
A. Additional changes requested after our proposal has been accepted will need to be quoted for separately. This may affect the price and turnaround time originally quoted.