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GreenSmart® options for better living

As a GreenSmart® partner our home features and options will help you to build green and build smart for an affordable, more comfortable home.

  Standard Optional
1. Energy Efficiency
1.1 Passive design – Orientation, solar, shading & ventilation  
1.2 Insulation above building code minimum  
1.3 Double glazing  
1.4 Insulated front door  
1.5 Energy rated home heating system  
1.6 Energy rated water heating system  
1.7 Energy rated whiteware appliances  
1.8 Energy efficient LED lighting  
2. Water Efficiency
2.1 Water efficient showerheads  
2.2 Water efficient washing machine  
2.3 Water efficient toilets  
2.4 Water efficient tapware  
2.5 Rainwater systems  
3. Indoor Environmental Quality
3.1 Natural ventilation (Minimum 5% of floor space)  
3.2 Air exchange management system  
3.3 Moisture extraction (Bathroom/Kitchen minimum)  
3.4 Low VOC products specified  
3.5 Acoustic insulation  
4. Materials
4.1 Performance and durability  
4.2 Social and environmental accreditation  
4.3 Low VOC products specified  
5. Accessibility
5.1 Interior/Exterior doors have min. 810mm opening (860mm door leaf)  
5.2 Passageways have minimum clear width of 1050mm  
5.3 Light switches and door handles between 900-1200mm high  
5.4 Powerpoints, TV, and other outlets not lower than 300mm  
5.5 Lever style tapware, door and window handles  
5.6 Level entry shower with minimum dimensions 1200 x 1200  
5.7 Grab bars and rails (toilet, bathtub and shower)  
5.8 Wall mounted vanity for easier access